/ˈstrɛtʃə / (say 'strechuh)

1. a light, folding bed; camp stretcher.
2. a bed-like device designed for transporting an ill or injured person, in its simplest form a sheet of canvas between two poles.
3. any of various instruments for extending, widening, distending, etc.
4. a bar, beam, or fabricated material, serving as a tie or brace.
5. a narrow crosspiece in a boat, for a rower to push against with the feet.
6. Building Trades a brick or stone laid horizontally with its length in the direction of the face of a wall, usually planned to give added strength to the structure. Compare header (def. 4).
7. a simple wooden framework on which the canvas of an oil painting is stretched.
verb (t)
8. to carry on a stretcher: the injured player was stretchered from the field.

Australian English dictionary. 2014.


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